Welcome to Beach Montessori Christian Academy

Extra Curricular Activities

The following classes are held on different days throughout the week.  You may register at the school so that your child may participate in these classes.  Students may elect to participate in these classes at any time.  However, only students that have registered  will be participating weekly.

Payment:  Fees for extra curricular classes are to be paid separately from the tuition check. 

Physical Education

P.E. students must be in a Kindergarten class or older.  Students must wear comfortable clothes, socks and sneakers. Mrs. Doreather will teach the students the proper way to warm-up and stretch followed by various fun forms of exercising, focusing on different parts of the body each week! Students will also learn about good nutrition as well as good hygiene.                       

Starz! offers a coed dance class which teaches: coordination, balance, rhythmic skills, and dance terminology. There will be a recital during our annual Christmas play. Students will learn a new skill each month including, creative movement, ballet, jazz, increase flexibility, and much more!
Starz! also offers a coed sports class which teaches: teamwork, game development, catching, throwing skills, hitting and kicking skills, safe and age appropriate equipment. In the sports class students will also learn a new sport each month including: t ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and much more! Ask for a registration packet and get your child signed up today!