Welcome to Beach Montessori Christian Academy


"Train up a child in the  way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
- Proverbs 22:6

God has given parents and teachers the responsibility of nurturing the children He has placed in our care. When parents must work, now more than ever, it is essential that the children be cared for in a Christian environment by dedicated teachers. Therefore, we exist to form a partnership with parents to provide an environment in which children can develop wholesome self-images. Our program encourages children to explore, question, listen, build, paint, play and sing. Furthermore, we believe that the quality of these early experiences will have a profound influence on each child. We want each child to realize his/her full potential while developing Christian character and high self-esteem in a positive learning environment. Recognizing and supporting each child's individual talents and interests we can instill a lifelong love of learning. We believe that the Bible teaches us the basis of wisdom. Our school endeavors to teach Biblical truths by example, through the Bible stories, and character studies without any specific doctrinal bias.

Montessori philosophy was created by Dr. Maria Montessori, which revolutionized the way preschool and elementary education was perceived. Additionally, our extended Montessori philosophy blends with Christian values and enhances academic achievement. Montessori objectives are achieved through careful observation and developed through challenges adjusted to individual needs.